James Aitken - Photographer

Lifelong Passion for Photography Lies in Creative Strength

James' strength lies in his lifelong dedication to the pursuit of excellence in photography combined with a diverse, creative background.

A Masters degree in music, working as a composer, driving a Shotover Jet boat, and now running his own photographic business have all helped James gain a unique perspective on how visuals can enhance almost any situation.

Creative types are often not the easiest to get along with, tending toward the diva end of the scale - but not James. Calm in any situation - even with the worst bridezilla - James' won the Top Bloke award I 2007 for his easygoing nature, ability to communicate, organisational and problem-solving skills, and ability to fit into any social situation.

From corporate boardroom to a family lounge room - James can adapt to whatever photographic and social challenges he faces.

At the start of 2008 James travelled to Europe to focus on his photography. Developing his photographic skills in Edinburgh, James travelled around Croatia and Italy taking photos before returning to Dunedin in July 2009.

'Photography for me is not a job. Taking photos is something that I really enjoy and being able to have people enjoy the final products that I produce makes it all worthwhile.'

In 2009, James was awarded Highly Commended in the Otago Wildlife Photography Competition.